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What is my IP? - IP Gaze ģ

This website is dedicated to every internet user all over the world for helping and securing their daily online activity on the web. It will not only help you to locate your IP address but also perform IP address lookup, teach how to trace email, show how to change IP address and also etc. Learning about IP address is essential for online game, tech support, remote computer controlling, running email server or detecting proxies.

What Is An IP Address?

An IP address is a number or set of digit which is our netizen identity and used to communicate with every netizen through internet. Itís work like our mailing address. Such as when you send a mail to my mailing address then it is arrived my home. Like this if I send some information to your IP address through internet then it will be reached to your computer.

Internet Speed Test

An Internet Speed Test is a testing of internet connection. Itís used to know our internet connection download and upload speed information. During this test you will be informed about your internet connectionís measuring megabits per second download and upload speed message. Donít forget to turn off all application before this test and turn on after test. Try to do this test several times in a day because ISP canít provide same speed whole day.

IP Address Lookup

An IP Address Lookup is a view of an IP address geographical location such as country, state, city, zip code and also etc. By doing this IP address lookup we also know about an IP address ISP name, host name, DNS server and lots of information but for privacy reason you will not be able to know IP address user name and his house address. Just known where this IP address is located.

Domain Name System (DNS) :- A Domain Name System (DNS) give us an IP address identity by words instead of number for remember it very easily. For example, memorize ipgaze.com is so easy instead of this number and we can type this words easily.