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What is IPgaze.Com/Exchanger?

IPgaze.Com/Exchanger is a dollar buying, selling or exchanging website.

What is the goal of IPgaze.Com/Exchanger?

The main goal of IPgaze.Com/Exchanger is solving peopleís dollar problem by selling, buying or exchanging it.

How can I buy dollar?

Simply go buy dollar section and submit your necessary details to get instruction of buying dollar.

What is dollar rate?

To get dollar rate simply go buy dollar section.

How much time I need to get this dollar?

Itís depending on your payment gateway. If you pay direct cash on our office then you will get dollar instant. If you pay by Brac Bank then itís may take 1 to 30 minutes. If you pay through UCash or bKash then you will also get this dollar instant.

How can I sell my dollar?

We are currently not buying any dollar but we are working on it.

How can I exchange my dollar?

We are currently not exchanging any type of dollar but we are working on it.

I have still some question!

If you have still some question then please contact with us.