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Hide My IP Address

Why I Hide My IP Address?

Stranger is always welcome in the web world, has no restriction for surfing this entire virtual world and he visits this world by an IP address like a bus ticket which we call a public IP address. Without this IP address we canít journey this web world as a result this IP address is enough for exposing user country, state, city and etc valuable information and also is traceable our visiting site with online activity which we may not want to give other person as a result we always want to hide our using public IP address. Now you may ask why I will hide my IP address while surfing internet without doing any illegal activity. But the truth is many online users hiding their IP address for doing illegal activity like hacking and you can be a victim of them as a result there are lots of legal reason why you should hide your IP address which is point out as follows.

1. You may use internet from a public place like library, museum, hotel, restaurant, internet cafť and you donít want to be traced by other person.
2. You may donít want to give your habitual online activity to third party like online advertising company.
3. You may not want to give your private date to other one which is big threat for you.
4. You also donít want to give very secret information to a person which is financial threat to you.
5. You may want to get content of a site which is block for your country.
6. You are living in an area which is access denied for a website.
7. You are in school or office and there has restriction of using internet.

As you see above why you should hide your IP and there are no illegal object other side it also necessary and more helpful for protecting yourself from any kind of dangerous threat without expose your privacy.

Ways to Hide My IP address

Now Iím sure probably you are finding ways of hiding IP and telling how do I hide my IP address? As a result no one will be able to know your surfing online activity and you will surf online like a freedom birds. Hey donít be panic cause Iím your best friend here for solving your problem.

There is several method of hiding your IP address and you can visit this virtual world like a stranger without expose anything to other.

Yes this method is:-
1. VPN
2. Proxy Servers

But the biggest truth is you are not stranger at all for doing illegal work like hacking and other bad activity because when you hiding your IP address by using hiding service then this service provider keeping your information as a result if you do any illegal work then service provider will provide your information for protect him self and his business. They are just securing you, but not giving advantage of illegal works.