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Proxy Detection and Blocking

Why detect proxy?

Recently you have made a dynamic viewing website, have lots of hope with it, getting many visitors with their good feedback and your site becoming popular day by day. You are passing good time with big dream. But sudden you notice that your visitor fall down day by day and you are getting unexpected visitor to your site which are destroying network asset and also trying to steal your site which mean trying to hijack your website. They are breaking all rule of your site. You are frustrated to get right solution and thinking your dream will never turn to real. Yes, this is a true story and almost every website owner faces this problem. Have not there really any solution? No friends, there are right solution for you. Anonymous is readily available in web world by virtual private network, proxy, Web Proxy, IP address hiding software and etc IP address hiding network service. And this also really helpful for its user but the main challenge for the webmaster is that he need to control his website, know it’s visitors, and fight against thief. A webmaster very easily can control over thousands of proxy by his own hand and can be a winner against all of these proxies bad activity.

Blocking Proxy

The most common popular method of blocking proxy is manually block proxy. Here you must have to get up-to-date different type of proxy list’s IP address which is being used on internet. There are lots of site for publishing these proxies blacklist but truly these are not reliable at all for fill up your need and almost 30% to 45% proxy IP address change everyday. As a result making a good blacklist of proxy IP address is very difficult and also challenging. After successfully made this blacklist of proxy IP address you have to insert it to your website firewall or .htaccess file. But this blocking technique may affect your site performance negatively and it’s a big truth.

Proxy Blocking Script

We think the best and all in one solution for blocking proxy IP address is proxy blocking script security software and it is best for you. This proxy blocking script very easily detects and blocks all proxies, anonymity hosting network, unexpected robots and spiders, and also unwanted countries to reach your website. You can get this proxy blocking script very easily from any search engine by typing “Proxy Blocking Script”. And there are lots of sites which are offering proxy blocking script. From them some freely provide their proxy blocking script service and rest of them charge for providing proxy blocking script service. We always recommend paid proxy blocking script service and it will be better for you.

Free Proxy Blocking Script

If you want totally Free Proxy Blocking Script then use below script which will help you little not much. Simply copy and paste this script into your webpage header section and be a winner by protecting your site from these proxies bad activity. Good day.