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What is a Web Proxy?

Web Proxy

Web Proxy is web based server proxy which work through server software like CCIProxy, PHProxy, Glype and also creative proxy script. Here a browser is used for using this proxy. Basically your IP address is hidden by this web proxy without install any IP address hiding software or without any operation on your network setting. As a result you can surf internet anonymously in web world without any tension like a freedom bird.

How Web Proxy Work?

First web proxy gets our request from service homepage search box like a search engine through a web browser and instantly sends our needed data after process request. Here every contents of surfing website is filtered as your almost desire direction. When you send request about a site through web proxy homepage browser then web proxy read your request, process information as your own direction and instantly provides your needed information. If you just ask for text of a website to web proxy then web proxy will just provide you text of your desire site.

Web Proxy Security

Obviously web proxy has strong security like SSL which encrypts data between you and proxy server. As a result no data lose happen during surfing internet time. Other side if a website contains malware virus which you request for surfing by web proxy then web proxy will send you all your requested information except this dangerous malware virus. So you and your computer are safe from virus attack by web proxy security.

Advantage of Web Proxy

Web Proxy has lots of advantage and most of them some important advantage is given below.

1. Very easily and fast you can hide your IP address.
2. No needed to install IP address hiding software or change your networking setting.
3. Using is very easy like search engine.
4. Access restriction site for your country.
5. Easily manage cookie, masking and user agent information.
6. Remove advertisement.

Web Proxy Provider

Lots of Web Proxy provider is seen online. You can easily get web proxy provider from any search engine by typing “web proxy”. From them some charge and rest of other freely provides web proxy. But paid proxy is more secure and speedy than free web proxy and we got Proxify as reliable web proxy provider which is always providing high quality security with latest technology as a result web proxy user is always safe. So if you just want to hide yourself then you can use free web proxy without tension but if it go to financial or high security matter then you should use paid proxy.