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Hide My IP Address

You are freedom person in this virtual world for surfing any website anytime anywhere by using your public IP address but when you surfs the internet then you are being traced and your valuable information is being exposed by this IP address such as your country, state, city and etc. Now you may probably searching ways of hiding your IP address and telling how do I hide my IP address?

What is a VPN

VPN (Virtual Private Network) is modern method for securing your private information on you internet surfing time through WIFI or Broad Band Connection. When we send information to other person through computer then our valuable information can be hijacked by online hijacker by WIFI spoofing or Firesheep system. As a result VPN is blessing of technology which is protecting us from online hijacker.

What is a Proxy

Proxy is a secondary remote computer for getting request from us and send us our requested data after process it. As a result we are not directly surfing website. Here when we request about a site to proxy server then proxy server gets request and send us our needed data after process request. By this way proxy server surfs website and we serf proxy server. If you want to surf internet anonymously or reach a restriction site or filter web content then proxy can help for getting your goal because Proxy IP address is placed to your IP address and your IP address is hidden in the web world.

What is a Web Proxy

Web Proxy is web basis proxy which works by special server software like CCIProxy, PHProxy, Glype and also ordinary proxy script. A browser is used for using this web proxy. Our request is received from a search box like search engine by this browser and instantly web proxy send our needed information after process request. Web proxy used SSL security and its encrypts data between proxy and us. Other side web proxy using is very easy as a result no needed to install any IP address hiding software or any change in networking setting. By web proxy we can hide our IP address very fast and also filter data as we want.

Proxy Detection and Blocking

Anonymity is readily available in the web word and anyone can hide himself by hiding his IP address. Virtual private network, proxy, IP address hiding software and etc IP address hiding network giving this IP address hiding facility as a result anyone can easily get access to restriction site but here are the main challenge for webmaster who want to control his website access, know consumer and fight against thief who want to hijack webmaster website. But how will webmaster control thousands of proxies which are being used in the web world? Yes it is possible and this way is Proxy Detection and Blocking.