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IP Widget Script

Recently you have made your own dynamic website which looking pretty good and you are very happy about your site but you feel some lacking of it which can make your site more excellent from present. Are you thinking it is an IP widget which will show visitorís IP address with date and time? If yes then gets your IP widget by adding this IP Widget Script directly to your website with in a few seconds.

IP Address Lookup

Do you want to see your IP address geographical location? How other people see your IP address Country, Country Code, Region, Region Code, City, Zip Code, Latitude, Longitude, Time zone, ISP, Organization, AS Name, Hostname and DNS server information? Are you curious to see all your IP address information? If yes then this IP Address Lookup tool is for you.

Internet Speed Test

An Internet Speed Test is a testing of your internet connectionís download and upload speedís kbps. As a result you will get your internet connectionís download and upload speedís measuring report. Try to do this test several times in a day because ISP canít provide same service all time.