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How to prevent hacking

How do I prevent hacking?

Recently you have joined on a social site like Facebook and makes lots of friends here. Every day you come here and spend lots of time. Itís become your new world but next day when you tried to logon your account then you informed that your password is wrong as a result you tried again by giving correct password but same message. You could not understand anything. And saying whatís happen? Yes friends you are hacked by hacker and everyday lots of people are being hacked. As a result they lost their reputation, money and so more. Other side hacking become a major issue todayís internet world. But we can easily protect our self from this dangerous hacking. Yes Iím going to give all ways step by step for protect yourself from this panic threat.

Step for prevent hacking

So friends protect yourself from hacking very easily by accomplish few simple steps.

1. Use gmail as your email address and turn on 2 step mobile verification.
2. Donít call any miscall which is unknown to you.
3. Code your password if you want to keep this password on your email draft.
4. Donít use third party unknown software.
5. Use Google chrome browser, Enable phishing and malware protection.
6. Donít save password and valuable information on text file. Just write this information on paper and keep it on safe place.
7. Try to avoid online storage because Google or other service provider is bound to provide this information to government like USAís NSA.
8. Use well-known antivirus and anti Spyware software.
9. Always delete cookies and history.
10. When you will see your DU meter showing KBPS downloading then press CTRL+SIFT+ESC and from this task manager try to find out which program is using this kb and if this program is unknown to you then select it and press end process.
11. Donít logon your account from public computer.
12. Donít open unknown email.
13. Donít click unknown link from email and also chat room.
14. Donít give your information to anyone.
15. If any unknown popup message is appeared on computer then simply press cross button. If it dose not work then discount internet connection and press ok. So no virus or harmful program will be downloaded on your computer.
16. Always turn on web guard.
17. Before getting data from pen drive or other device then must scan it by antivirus.

If you can maintain all above process then no hacker will be able to hack you ever and never. So protect yourself, your friends and also relative by giving this valuable information and make this web world secure place for all.